Gintare Giliute


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I am a true fitness, bodybuilding and active lifestyle enthusiast. Based on my passion for bodybuilding, at the moment I am preparing to compete in Bodyfitness class.  Athletic
lifestyle was a part of my life since very young age, while I became interested in healthy
nutrition around my twenties.

I believe that finding a balance between training and nutrition is one of the key elements to human happiness. This brings value to life, improves both physical and mental status.

I am constantly educating myself about new training methods and knowledge about human nutrition. Throughout several years of training I have tried different ways of training and
dieting, which I am sharing with the others now. In my eyes every client is different, thus I will make sure that together we will find the training plan and diet that works for you and brings you to your goal.

I am experienced in working with eating disorders, capable of advising you on healthy weight loss or muscle gain. I can help you with lifestyle coaching, finding your goal, boosting the levels of your motivation and improving your self-confidence. I will educate you on the well-balanced lifestyle and advise you on healthy diet. I will press you and support you until we reach your goal, but I will always seek for working in a positive and healthy way. Seeing the satisfied, healthy and proud client is the motivation that I have behind my work.

I am educated in Individual Training Program design (by Poliquin Group) and Nordic Nutrition and Weight Loss Management (Kostvejleder og Slankekonsulent fra At Work Skolen).
I am continuously improving my skills with new courses, e.g. studies in Fitness Institute.
Despite that, I have BA of Art&Technology and McS of Techno-Anthropology.